What is fair fuel policy

What is fair fuel policy

A fair fuel policy (also known as full-to-full or same-to-same) means youll only pay for the fuel you use. All car rental deals compared on travelsupermarket come with a fair fuel policy, so you can book your hire car safe in the knowledge there will be no nasty surprises at drop-off.

Fair fuel policy enjoy car hire are the first broker to only provide quotes with a customer friendly fuel policy. Just return the rental vehicle with the same amount of fuel as you collected it with.

Depending on current fuel prices and the size of the cars fuel tank, this charge is usually somewhere between 10 and 40. Your refund may be based on eighths of a tank so if you dropped the car off with a tank thats almost full, you would be refunded for 78 of a tank.

  our fuel cost represents a mix of gas and diesel prices in the vicinity of our garden city park, ny warehouse. It is common for companies to raise fuel surcharges as their costs increase, but at coffee distributing corp. We think its only fair to automatically pass along our savings to our customers when fuel costs come back down.

  silvercars fair fueling promise keeps things simple on your return, whether you refuel yourself or leave it for us to do. If you return your silvercar with a full tank, youre good to go. If youd rather skip refueling to save time and hassle on your return, youll be billed at the.

The fair usage policy (fup) is our super simple way of protecting the integrity of the webafrica network. As with all acceptable use policies, if you use more than a certain, predetermined fair amount of data in a given timeframe, your line speed could slow down during peak times, in order to allow other users to access the network fairly.

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What is fair fuel policy

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What is fair fuel policy

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