Verizon investment management corp

Verizon investment management corp

Is a alternative asset management company based in basking ridge, nj. You can view more information on verizon investment management corp. Including private fund info, contact info, top management and.

Verizon investment management corp operates as an investment firm. The company offers investment advisory and portfolio management services.

Verizon investment management corporation (vimco) is a corporate pension located in basking ridge, nj united states, north america. Current assets for vimco is 51,436,483,483 and swfi has 24 periods of historical assets, , 1 transactions, 11 personal contacts available for csv export.

  the investment management segment provides services to institutional and retail investors, as well as investment management, wealth and estate planning.

One verizon way, building 7, 1st floor south, basking ridge, nj.

Latest statistics and disclosures from verizon communicationss latest quarterly 13f-hr filing top 5 stock holdings are vz , and represent 100. Verizon communications has 70m in assets under management (aum), dropping by -7.

Is a connecticut domestic profit corporation filed on january 14, 1980. The companys filing status is listed as withdrawn and its file number is 0100472. The registered agent on file for this company is secretary of the state and is located at 30 trinity street, hartford, ct 06106-0470.

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Verizon investment management corp

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Verizon investment management corp

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