Standard life active money sipp

Standard life active money sipp

The active money self invested personal pension (am sipp) is a type of personal pension plan that permits customers to invest in a wide range of external investments as well as our own insured funds and external fund links. It also allows customers access to the full range of benefit options available through pension freedoms.

02 active money sipp youll probably be one of many investors in each fund you choose. Sometimes, in exceptional circumstances, we may have to wait before we can transfer or switch your investments. This is to maintain fairness between those remaining in and those leaving the fund.

Standard life assurance limited is authorised by the prudential regulation authority and regulated by the financial conduct authority and the prudential regulation authority. Standard life assurance limited is part of the phoenix group and uses the standard life brand under licence from the standard life aberdeen group.

With our sipp you can save your money tax-efficiently, and pick from a wide range of investment options from standard life and other providers. A sipp could be right for you if youre looking for a wider choice of investment options.

80 a month or 800 a year, which is topped up with basic rate tax relief. For example, 8 with basic rate tax relief added. You can also set up a sipp with us by making a one-off payment of 8,000 (which is then topped up with basic tax relief to 10,000).

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And risks of the standard life active money personal pension (ampp). We provide you with a generic online illustration which will show the benefits that may be provided in the future. You can also request a personal illustration by calling us on 0345 278 5622.

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Standard life active money sipp

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Go find that email (check your spam or junk folder if you don't see it within a minute or two).No matter what payment option you choose you’ll probably be required to provide some personal details, such as your registered address and ID. In some cases, you might even be required to provide details about your income. Don’t take this personally!

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Standard life active money sipp

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