Low carb options at panera

Low carb options at panera

Geen stress meer van wat je mag eten en welke ingrediënten nodig zijn.

One of the most popular options at panera bread is the you pick 2, which allows you to pick two half-portion combos of either salad, sandwich or soup.

  you can keep it low-carb at panera by ordering a breakfast sandwich with meat and cheese minus the bread. You can also get a green goddess salad with no dressing or a steak and cheese sandwich without the bread or sauce.

The ham egg and cheese breakfast sandwich comes with egg, a slice of white.

  when looking at the salad section, one of the best and healthiest low-carb options at panera bread is a simple caesar salad. Its made with antibiotic-free grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, and grated parmesan.

Welcome to the plethora of low carb options at panera bread! From salads to half sandwiches to soups, you have your pick of just about anything. If an item isnt listed here, it was either unbalanced in carb to protein ratio, too high in carbs, or its a seasonal item local to you and wasnt listed on panera breads website.

Sausage, scrambled egg, & cheese (no ciabatta) this hearty breakfast option is full of fat and protein to keep you full.

Nutrition information panera bread keto and low carb breakfast.

Nutrition info (with the bagel) 530 calories, 18g total fat, 59 g total carbs, 2 g fiber, 34 g protein.

Geen stress meer van wat je mag eten en welke ingrediënten nodig zijn.

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Low carb options at panera

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