Ledger blue review

Ledger blue review

(7 votes) the ledger wallet blue is the latest hardware wallet from ledger and convinces with its even easier operation.

  released in 2016, the ledger blue is one of three hardware wallets currently sold by ledger, and unlike its smaller and simpler cousin the ledger nano s, the ledger blue is a futuristic and attractive device which features a large touchscreen interface and metallic body. Ledger blue review (2019) is it worth buying instead of the ledger nano s.

  the ledger blue is a premium cryptocurrency hardware wallet which allows you to easily and securely store your cryptocurrency. It was released in late 2016 but discontinued a few years later.

  at the time of this writing (22218), the ledger blue was listed for sale at about 267 when you consider the current exchange rate. How do i add currency to my wallet? The ledger blue, like other hardware wallets, doesnt actually store any of your crypto coins or tokens on the device itself.

In this write-up, i made a detailed review of ledgers premium hardware wallet the ledger blue. I have formerly written comprehensively on its more advanced and compact cousins (ledger nano s and x).

Ledger blue provides a great touchscreen with a color display. Its firmware integrity is guaranteed by cryptographic certification.

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Ledger blue review

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