Kingspan x dek

Kingspan x dek

Kingspan x-dek 1 xdektm frame-to-frame long spanning insulated roof deck xdektm is an insulated roof deck combining a structural deck, firesafe insulation and a metal top sheet into one product. Designed to support a choice of site applied standing seam or membrane finishes, xdektm provides a clear span capability of up to 6 metres, and is faster to install than alternative built-up.

Kingspan x-dek ks1000 xd longspan roofpanel insulated panels 02 2010 insulated roof systems. Xdektm frame-to-frame long spanning insulated roof deck xdektm is an insulated roof deck combining a structural deck, firesafe insulation and a metal top sheet into one product.

X-dek is covered by the kingspan warranty, providing a guarantee of up to 20 years for thermal and structural performance.

For the possibilities of supplying longer panels, contact kingspan customer service. All x-dek panels are manufactured with cutbacks on the bottom trapezoidal sheet metal. The standard length of the undercut is 50mm, the maximum length is 630mm.

Ks1000 x-dek is insulated longspan roof panel with ipn insulation core. It is suitable for flat roofs for all building applications except where there are low temperature internal conditions. They are the basis for final waterproof covering (performed on site - bitumen membranes, pvc or epdm) , available also with factory applied waterproof pvc membrane.

Insulated panels, kingspan wall panels, kingspan roof panels.

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Kingspan x dek

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