Hp z24i g2 display datasheet

Hp z24i g2 display datasheet

Datasheet hp z24i g2 24-inch display color consistency and performance for the project perfectionist be a productive powerhouse with the sleek hp z24i g2 24-inch display. This virtually seamless wuxga display is factory-tested for reliability and longevity with integrated color calibration, uninterrupted multi-screen tiling, and expansive device connections.

  quickspecs hp z24i g2 24-inch display technical specifications c05574095 da 16013 worldwide version 5 february 28, 2021 page 4 models 1js08a4, 1js08a8 panel specifications display size (diagonal) 24-inch viewable image area (diagonal) 61,1 cm (24 in) widescreen diagonally measured display panel type ips, led backlight.

10 (english, spanish, german, french, italian, dutch, portuguese, japanese, simplified chinese, and traditional chinese) on-screen display (osd) user controls. Brightness, contrast, color control, input control, image control, power control, menu control, management, language, information, and exit.

Display 24 in, ips, pls, w-led, 1920 x 1200 pixels viewing angles (hv) 178 178 brightness 300 cdm static contrast 1000 1, dynamic contrast 10000000 1 refresh rate 60 hz - 75 hz srgb 99 dimensions 532 x 351 x 46.

96 cm (24) display color consistency and performance for the project perfectionist be a productive powerhouse with the sleek hp z24i g2 60.

This virtually seamless wuxga display is factory-tested for reliability and longevity with integrated color calibration, uninterrupted multi-screen1 tiling, and expansive device connections.

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Hp z24i g2 display datasheet

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