How much does crossroads pay for clothes

How much does crossroads pay for clothes

Crossroads is your one-stop shop to sell, offering consignment on your high-end designer items, with payouts up to 70 in cash.

At crossroads, customers sell their current, on-trend clothing and accessories for cash or trade credit. Our stores are located in vibrant neighborhoods across the country, each filled with the clothes you want at prices you cant resist.

Instead, store buyers purchase clothing directly from the public, evaluating and pricing every piece based on condition, style and seasonality. There is no way for us to consistently manage price increases across the board. Besides supporting minimum wage increases for our employees, were committed to keeping our prices low.

How much does delivery cost? Crossroads charges a flat rate of 10. 00 for any purchase to be shipped within australia and new zealand for all orders under 120.

  each crossroads and buffalo exchange serves a specific area meaning that the styles that are popular in that locations neighborhood is the type of clothing youll find on their racks and the style of clothes theyre most likely to buy.

Transaction limits apply to afterpay purchases made at crossroads online the minimum purchase amount is 20 and the maximum purchase amount is 1000 when you link your afterpay account to either a credit or debit card. Afterpay is not available at crossroads for the purchase of gift cards, top ups, back ordered or waitlisted merchandise.

5 steps to selling your clothes its simple we buy the great stuff in your closet that you dont wear. Whether its the dress you love that doesnt quite fit the pants you keep meaning to get hemmed or a shirt that just isnt your style, bring them to crossroads for cash or trade credit.

And you get first dibs on clothing if you work in the back (aka taggingfitting rooms). Very understanding, positive, willing to listen to your needs.

With more than 100 best of awards, crossroads has been leading the resale fashion industry for over 27 years. Our fashionable and eco-conscious customers sell gently used clothing for cash or trade shop for name-brand and designer clothing at amazing prices and help keep clothing out of landfill.

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How much does crossroads pay for clothes

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