Handbrake audio only

Handbrake audio only

  handbrake is a free, downloadable program that allows users to convert video from nearly any format.

It would be even more useful if it had presets for audio-only export presets. This is true for example for video editors, who sometimes have problems with video files audio tracks, which would benefit from being able to extract those.

  there on this site is how to make possible fdk in handbrake. So thats only way to have good quality audio when encoding video and audio at once. Iam now using avidemux and it has fdk codec as default, so no need to do audio and video separately.

Yes, it has many advanced features, but if you want to convert video really just pick a preset and youre on your way. It can take dts or ac-3 and turn it into ac-3, mp3, aac, or ogg.

Handbrake does not store audio and subtitle tracks in presets. Instead, we store behaviour rules for automatically selecting audio and subtitle tracks each time you scan a new source or select a title. In order to configure the track selection behaviour, click the configure defaults button on the audio or subtitle defaults tab.

Its terminalcli based so pop your favorite browser and do a bit of research on the switches youll need to use.

  handbrake can take different sound mixdowns such as dolby pro logic, dolby digital surround, digital theater systems(dts), digital theater system master audio(dts-hd), truehd and pass them through to your source. By default, audio is downmixed to a format that sounds good on both stereo and multi-channel audio systems.

  i normally do it from the command line using ffmpeg which normally just have either a -acodec copy or -ca copy the first option will just copy all audio streams, the second option allows you to specify specific audio streams.

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Handbrake audio only

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