Ewr economy parking

Ewr economy parking

Customers utilizing newark libertys economy lot p6 can take the free courtesy shuttlebus between p6 and terminals a, b, and c. The p6 shuttle runs 24 hours per day, and departs every 10 minutes from the lot. For real-time shuttle arrive arrival information, visit httpwww.

Make your next trip through newark airport easy and headache-free. We know that as soon as you make your flight reservation, one of the first things you start to worry about is trying to find a parking space thats both safe and affordable.

Economy parking lot p6 newark liberty international airport ewr.

The on-site economy parking lot at newark airport costs approximately 18 for the first 24 hours and you pay 6 for each 8-hour period after your first day.

Economy parking (lot p6) also offers long term newark airport parking at a better rate. Off-site newark airport parking lots also offer long-term parking at more affordable rates. What are the rates for newark airport long-term parking? Off-site ewr long term parking is about 6-10 daily and will always be the more affordable option for ewr parking.

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Ewr economy parking

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