Ethereum metropolis byzantium

Ethereum metropolis byzantium

This is why, ethereum is launching metropolis in two phases and both will be introduced as hardforks.

  the time for the byzantium testnet launch has been announced the first of the two phases for metropolis network upgrade for ethereum.

Ethereums roadmap, which was published back in 2015, listed plans to move to the proof of stake (pos) algorithm. One of the global updates and the third phase towards the elimination of mining was the metropolis update, which was divided into two parts byzantium and constantinople.

  metropolis is a planned ethereum development phase that includes two hard forks byzantium and constantinople. Constantinople does not currently have a release date, but is expected in 2018.

  as an end-user, because version 3 adds backwards-incompatible changes to the current version of ethereum, you will need to upgrade your ethereum wallet to one that supports byzantium.

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Ethereum metropolis byzantium

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