Composite edge review

Composite edge review

  composite edge incorporated in 1994, a brokerage firm of over 20 years. Offer very simple brokerage structure with no hidden charges. Welcome to compositedge, a division of composite investments pvt.

Composite edge is a prominent discount stockbroker with its establishment going as back as 1994 as part of composite investments pvt. It allows instant fund transfers from icici, kotak, hdfc and axis banks with transaction charges of 15, thus, making the funds transfer process a knot easier as compared to other non-banking stock brokers that might take a day or so to transfer funds.

Compositedge brokerage review best discount broker in india.

The edge is the budget-friendly product with capped composite boards. The boards only have 3 sides coverage instead of 4, so they are basically not reversible. There are differences in these two collections, especially in color and size.

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The best thing about compositedge is that the people are extremely friendly, nice, easy to do business and responsive to my needs. Shyam sunder - ceo stock viz i have been with compositedge for over 3 years now,they are very professional and flexible, it has great trading with them.

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Composite edge review

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Composite edge review

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