Bob goodlatte son

Bob goodlatte son

  bobby goodlatte, the son of house judiciary committee chairman rep.

), has announced his support for the democratic candidate running to fill his fathers seat. The younger goodlatte tweeted sunday that he had given the maximum donation to jennifer lewis , a mental health worker and community advocate seeking to represent virginias 6th congressional district.

, has announced his support for the democratic candidate running to fill his fathers seat.

  the son of retiring high-ranking republican bob goodlatte, of virginia, said he donated to the democrat running for his fathers seat. 2018 is the year to flip districts lets do this, bobby.

  that committee hearing was a low point for congress, bobby goodlatte, the son of house judiciary chairman bob goodlatte, tweeted monday.

  the son of republican house judiciary committee chairman bob goodlatte condemned his father on monday for political grandstanding that resulted in the firing of fbi deputy assistant director peter strzok. Im deeply embarrassed that peter strzoks career was ruined by my fathers political grandstanding.

  the son of a powerful republican lawmaker tweeted his dad was deeply embarrassing. Bobby goodlatte is attempting to raise support for the democratic candidate vying to replace his dad, rep.

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Bob goodlatte son

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